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AURUS Senat Limousine

Allow yourself the freedom to differ from the canons, go beyond the ordinary and choose a car that has no analogues in the world. AURUS Senat Limousine is the official vehicle of the President of Russia, the car that personifies the revival of the industrial engineering and scientific and technological potential of Russia.
Senat Limousine
Security Space
Power, energy, aesthetics,
engineering intelligence.
hybrid engine
Hybrid power plant based on 4.4-liter V8 petrol engine
torque, Nm
power, hp
engine displacement, cm3
Unified modular platform
AURUS vehicles are built on a completely new unified modular platform. The principle of modularity in design allows you to easily and quickly change the wheelbase, length and even the type of car, and adapt the production site for the release of different AURUS models.
Security as the Most Valuable Resource
Get tactile and visual enjoyment with exquisite materials and rich textures
AURUS Senat Limousine has a ballistic protection rating of VR8 / VR10. These figures of compliance with the international standard for protected vehicles indicate that for a passenger car, in terms of the degree of protection, this is actually an absolute, you can feel more reliable only on board military armored vehicles.
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