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Customers are looking forward to "live" Aurus

Customers are looking forward to "live" Aurus
26 March 2021

The first Aurus buyers will receive their cars in May. The company said it would soon begin delivering Russian luxury cars to private citizens. Now the Aurus Senat model, the only product of the company on the market, is available by pre-order. However, as Kommersant FM found out, the previous price was 18 million rubles. is no longer relevant, now the price tag is about 22 million.

This is because Aurus is now serially produced only in the maximum configuration, there is no basic version yet, Oleg Shamba, the operational director of the official dealer of the Russian brand, the Avilon group, told Kommersant FM: “The demand situation is now as expected. Some customers are cautious and would like to see the first, as they say, “live” production cars. We are satisfied with the contracting that we have now, since the production capacity is also not unlimited.

If a client contacts us now, then I think that we can guarantee the delivery of the car to the client in June-July.

"The prepayment, which we now take for the conclusion of the preliminary contract, will amount to 2 million rubles."

These vars are all in almost full configuration which is possible according to the price list. The customization is now as follows: interior color, interior trim and body color.

At the same time, since the car is unusual and the desire of customers to be the first is great, and this is very important, and to save 2-3 million rubles, while waiting for the cars in the basic configuration to be produced, is probably not justified.”

When the basic version of Aurus will be on sale, neither the dealer nor the manufacturer have specified. Will there be demand for the first series of high-specification vehicles? And what concerns do potential customers have? Andrey Bezverkhov, editor-in-chief of the Avtopanorama magazine, believes that due to the price and positioning of the brand, he will have few clients.

“I think that just the first batch will be quite reliable, prepared for operation, at least because this is a state-level image project, and the manufacturers, most likely, will not allow themselves to make a mistake in something serious, they simply have no right to do so. Moreover, this first batch is, indeed, in a high configuration, which implies not only a high price, but also a high level of customer requirements. And since the clients here are special, in the event of any shortcomings, they simply will not give up. The demand will undoubtedly be limited, because the majority of entrepreneurs will continue to focus on foreign cars of the executive and luxury segment. And government officials or representatives of big business, who consider it necessary to be close to the country's top leadership, will be guided by these cars. But, as we understand, there are not too many such people, and there is no need to talk about any very large circulations in Russia yet, ”Andrei Bezverkhov noted.

Kommersant FM also contacted lawyer Alexander Khaminsky, who is considering the possibility of acquiring Aurus Senat. He said that he would soon sell his Rolls-Royce and was looking for an executive car. But he has several questions about the Russian brand: “Regarding the price of this car, they initially stated, as far as I remember, 9-10 million rubles, then 12 million rubles, and the latest version is 18 million rubles. And I considered this an unnecessarily high cost for a car for which it is not yet known how many and where there will be service departments, how it can be serviced, repaired, and so on.

“Under these circumstances, a “simple” Maybach seems of course more preferable.”

This year, Mercedes 223 S-class entered the market, and, as I understand it, the Maybach 223, that is, the next generation, will appear in the summer or autumn. Anyway, in order to make this or that decision, in any case, I have to see a “live” commercial copy of the Aurus and see the same “live” car of the new Maybach.”

According to the Aurus manufacturers, the cars from the first batch will be available with six body options to choose from: white mother-of-pearl, coffee, steel blue, navy blue, graphite and black.

The company also talked about plans to create other cars: limousine, convertible, minivan and SUV.

Source: Kommersant
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