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For those who create
...always has to find
it’s own way.
By combining global expertise in automotive and Russian engineering, we have created a car which is based on power, freedom, global engineering and industrial intelligence. AURUS Senat is the first ultra-luxury car from Russia, capable of opening a new page in the segment of protected cars. We knew that in order to leave our mark on the roads of history, we would have to walk along it
off-road, overcoming obstacles, doubts, the legacy of the past. We have accepted this challenge. And the appearance of AURUS Senat is the best proof that true power, as well as any big idea, cannot be kept in the limited space of dogmas and rules, just as it is impossible to stop the development of technologies, ideas and values that will rule the world in the third millennium.
At our eyes, the world is changing, creates new concepts that are able to change not only the course of history, but and our understanding of the material world.
Born to
AURUS Senat — the embodiment of power without excesses, the triumph of balance and proportion. The masculinity of this gorgeous athlete is combined with classic elegance, and this is the case where form does not prevail over content, but clothe him it a suit of perfect fit. The device AURUS Senat has something that distinguishes it from all cars in this class:
unprecedented readiness to overcome obstacles while maintaining maximum comfort for passengers. And is deeper than in the package of options, it is - character. The idea of being fully adaptable to difficult climatic and road conditions was key in the development of the vehicle.
AURUS Senat — is a car of its time, in which the past obeys the present, and freedom becomes a true luxury. The freedom to choose your own path, to make decisions, being independent of judgments, to spin the wheel of history with the same ease with which you you turn the steering wheel of your car.
Noble element of the Russian car industry
Many meanings, concentrated in one capacious and bright brand, endow it with special characteristics
which is identified with inner energy of a person, possession of special power and incredible abilities
«gold» in Latin — is another symbol of the brand. It contains such characteristics as the power, wealth of our country and nobility of the precious metal.
the world sign of Russia, which combines all of the above characteristics in itself.
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